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Creative Wedding Options To Consider For 2023

Updated: Feb 26

This year has brought about a whole slew of new terms to the forefront of the wedding industry. For example, concepts such as “minimony” and “micro wedding” are now mainstream. In addition, the classic “elopement” became a 2020 2021 staple. On the whole, we have been seeing our couples get creative! As such, when life throws a curve ball, it’s important to stay positive. In fact, there are a number of great wedding options within reach. At the end of the day, it’s all about starting your life with your best friend.

Now we are looking ahead to 2023, and all the adaptations that are happening. Next year, we envision there will be many classic, new, and inventive alternatives to the traditional wedding. Keep reading for real life ideas on how to get creative while still staying true to you and the love you share.

Elopements Are Now Popular Wedding Options

Keeping things super simple and just eloping has been wildly popular this year! When starting your life together is the most important thing, just the two of you and an officiant might be all you need. A few of our favorite settings have been Presidio Park, the dunes on Coronado Beach, Cuvier Park in La Jolla, Sunset Cliffs and Temecula wineries.

We can help you plan the entire thing, from officiant, to choosing a location, to flowers and of course elopement photography!

From Destination to Keeping it Local

What to do when everyone was planning on flying far far away for your wedding, and suddenly travel isn’t an option for most? Staying local and close to home can bring it’s own sense of nostalgia and comfort. By re-framing and taking another look at your own figurative backyard for your ceremony, you might find a small garden nearby, a favorite restaurant that has a patio or courtyard, or a rustic farm just perfect for a scaled back wedding.

There’s also of course your literal backyard- see below for ideas on how to jazz up your (or a family member’s!) yard to keep things really close to home.

For photos, we still have you covered, and will happily jump on a plane to capture all the special moments and celebrate with you! We have had a blast this year photographing couples in the Redwoods of Northern California and the golden Aspens in the Colorado mountains, just to name a couple. We love shooting in new locations, and discovering the hidden nooks and crannies to capture beautiful images of your special day.

*An added bonus- if you’re staying local, you don’t have to think about how to pack your dress.

Backyard Wedding Options

Take a different look at your backyard, or that of a friend or family member! Often keeping things very simple and close to home can provide a lot of peace of mind for you and your family, and a safer place for your higher risk guests. Stringing up some twinkly lights, bringing in a few tables and chairs, and perhaps an arch decorated with flowers from your florist can all transform that backyard into a sweet little place to say “I do.”

After the ceremony the possibilities are endless! A guitarist, a string quartet, or a DJ can help get the party vibe going for you. Having a local restaurant (or your original caterer) bring in food is a popular choice. Keep things light with a taco buffet. One of our couple’s had their favorite brick oven pizzas delivered, and toasted with French champagne imported from the groom’s hometown. Make it your own, and have fun with it!

From Venue to AirBnB

If you find yourself in need of switching locations, renting an AirBnB for the weekend may just be the way to go. In addition to providing rooms for out of town guests to stay at, it can be a fun home base for family and friends to gather at. Similar to the aforementioned “Backyard Wedding,” a vacation rental home also adds a whole new feel to your special day. From high up overlooking Point Loma, to a rustic ranch in Ramona, or a glamorous La Jolla villa near the beach, you have endless options!

Intimate Wedding Option- a “Minimony”

Small gatherings for ceremonies and celebrations have also seen a huge rise in popularity this year. These typically consist of the two of you, your immediate family, and maybe a few friends. Throw in your officiant, some flowers, and your photographer (of course!) and you have yourself a “minimony”!

A scaled back wedding option has its perks for sure. With less going on in the day, couples are often able to relax a bit, and spend more one on one time with family and friends. You may also find yourself with more time in the day for a really epic photo-shoot with yours truly. A lot of our couples that are taking this route are still planning on a larger celebration with everyone down the road, when it is easier for everyone to be together.

The Yacht America

Thinking of eloping or having that minimony, and looking for a really cool, different location? This is among the more unique of the San Diego wedding options for your elopement. We recently partnered up with The Yacht America, located in San Diego. At 139 feet long with 5,900 square feet of sail, The America is an impressive sailing yacht to say the least! She can host gatherings as small as just the two of you, and as large as 70 people. After departing the marina in Shelter Island, Captain Troy will take you and your party out to San Diego Bay, cruising alongside Coronado before pausing for your nuptials in front of the majestic San Diego skyline.

Each event is tailored exactly to the needs of each unique couple. Want to dock after a couple of hours, and then head out to your favorite restaurant to celebrate? No problem! Or does having dinner catered for you and your guests under the massive sails and stars sound more your speed? With a full kitchen on board, they can make that happen too.

Conclusion: Creative Wedding Options

As you can see, there are many different types of creative weddings and elopements. If you have questions, or would like to begin planning yours, reach out to our expert team! We have specialists in every area for your small wedding elopement. As well, we have the advice and experience needed for a special elopement that is unique to the two of you. Give us a ring and we’ll go over the details!

I love my job!

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