Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Do you have any customer reviews?

Yes, Please read, Click on Wedding Photography Reviews 


Do you require a deposit? 

Yes, $100 to $300 to save the date. 

Do you do a contract?

​Yes, I spell everything out on a contract, No hidden surprises or costs.

How long till we see our photos?
In Most cases within two weeks. I do spell out receiving date on contract.
Do you accept Credit cards?

Yes, Thru PayPal, Checks and Cash.

What's included ?

Unlimited photos during event, All photos edited, Black and white included, You have the copyrights included so may print how ever you like. Most clients download photos thru link I send them. I can do prints at an extra cost. Most clients have them printed at there favorite print shop.

Should we hire a coordinator?

Yes, A coordinator can save unnecessary costs, headaches and allows the day to flow more smoothly.

If price is a hurdle, consider hiring someone just for the day of the wedding.