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  • Paul Bartels

Wedding @ Thee Olde Chapel in Riverside Ca.

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Specializing in High Quality Modern Professional Photography in the Riverside area of So. California

A wedding is one of the most emotional times in a person's life. It's my goal to create images that will always be able to transport a couple back to that moment, whether that's a week or thirty years later. The wedding only happens once, so the images need to allow them to experience it again and again. I'm documenting not just what the day looked like, but how the couple felt during their wedding.

There are several wedding venues in Temecula that one can choose for his/her wedding. Actually, the amazing landscapes of Temecula are just perfect to create a wonderful environment for your special day. However, if you are asked to tell a way through which you can easily store those amazing wedding memories for a lifetime, what will you say !

The answer would be wedding photography, right. This is actually the reason why the wedding photography in Temecula has become so famous these days. Also, a lot of photographers provide professional wedding photography service in Riverside.

Special Qualities of a Wedding Photographer

If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Riverside?

Contact Paul Bartels Photography

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