Wedding Photographer Temecula

One of the best parts about Temecula is that it is widely recognized as the Napa of Southern California. That means people who choose to get married in Temecula wine country are much like the popular 1980s hair styling known simply as the mullet. What I mean by that is the elegant vineyards provide a classy, sophisticated feel but at the same time, the endless drinking of champagne and delicious wine provides the ingredients for a perfect wedding reception. After hours of seemingly endless arguments, once a couple (the bride) books their wedding venue at one of the popular vineyards in Temecula wine country the next step is to hire a Temecula wedding photographer to capture them in all their wedding day glory. As a resident of Temecula area, Paul has experience working at many of the different wine country wedding venues and considered one of the best Temecula wedding photographers. He has an understanding of how to utilize natural golden light in the vineyards, and of course a unique style of documenting Temecula weddings in a colorful, candid and artistic fashion.
Paul is one of the premier wedding photographers in Temecula having covered many of the wineries in Southern California along with many beach weddings.

Weddings start @$899

  There are several wedding venues in Temecula that one can choose for his/her wedding. Actually, the amazing landscapes of Temecula are just perfect to create a wonderful environment for your special day. However, if you are asked to tell a way through which you can easily store those amazing wedding memories for a lifetime, what will you say?


 The answer would be wedding photography, right? This is actually the reason why wedding photography in Temecula has become so famous these days. Also, a lot of photographers provide professional wedding photography services in Temecula.

Special Qualities of a Wedding Photographer

Thus, if you are looking for a wedding photographer in Temecula then the below qualities will help you to pick the best photographer among the rest.

  • We all know that the creativity is one of the important characteristics of the wedding photography. So, a professional wedding photographer should always add a special creative touch in the pictures by going out from the traditional traits.

  • Technical skill is a must in the wedding Photography. Unlike the rests, the professional wedding photographers possess the proper technical knowledge of handling the camera lenses and equipment properly.

  • A professional wedding photographer must have the passion and enthusiasm towards his profession.

  • An expert wedding photographer should always have a strong portfolio that they can show to their clients without any hesitation.

  • Also, the behavior of the professional wedding photographer must be nice and friendly.

A wedding is one of the most emotional times in a person's life. It's my goal to create images that will always be able to transport a couple back to that moment, whether that's a week or thirty years later. The wedding only happens once, so the images need to allow them to experience it again and again. I'm documenting not just what the day looked like, but how the couple felt during their wedding. I'm looking for images that will bring back all of the emotions of a wedding day every time. To make your wedding day less stressful, put the job of capturing all of the joy, beauty, and romance of your day on me. I’ll be sure to capture your special connection and leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Working as a Temecula wedding photographer is a wonderful experience. I enjoy photographing couples in this beautiful Southern California setting. Many couples choose to have Temecula winery weddings. I recommend this location for your wedding if you love wine and country-like landscapes. Long Shadow Winery is one of the local wineries where you can get married. It’s a beautiful location with a romantic and peaceful ambience.


 If you’re looking for a Temecula wedding photographer, look no further.

I have the experience and knowledge necessary to capture the memories of your day. I believe in capturing your love story through my photography and my eye for capturing beautiful moments between you and your husband or wife will help your story shine.