Wedding Photographer

 Anyone can take pictures. People hire me for my vision. I have a BA Degree in photography. A lot of people don’t realize

that deciding on a wedding photographer is a big decision. If you think about it, the photos are the only documentation you’ll have of you're wedding day. I love being a wedding photographer in Temecula. Photography is my passion. You will want high quality photographs to show your friends and family to last a lifetime.So it’s worth the time and investment to find a photographer who will capture you're wedding day beautifully.I’m a very down-to-earth and love to meet new people.  I have completed hundreds of weddings over the years. I also do Family portraits, Engagement Session, Quinceanera, Head shots, Custom photography for your special occasions.


 Paul Bartels is an award winning wedding photographer servicing the city of Temecula and other neighboring communities. Paul’s work is most often described as modern, stunning, amazing, creative and wildly romantic. He loves to incorporate natural light when photographing a beautiful couple on their wedding day. With bursts of sun flare, back lighting, and dramatic shadowing, Paul takes advantage of the beauty of natural sunlight to produce stunning Temecula wedding photography that a bride and groom are sure to love. Paul believes that capturing the small details of a couple’s wedding day is of utmost importance. On your wedding day Paul not only documents the beautiful decor, wedding attire and floral arrangements, but he also pays attention to the special moments and interactions that take place. From a father proudly walking his daughter down the aisle and sending her off with a warm embrace to a grandmother’s sweet smile during a couple’s first dance, the emotions that are experienced during a wedding are all special and unique moments that Paul captures for his clients to later enjoy. If you are currently planning a wedding in Temecula or another California location, I would love to photograph your big day!

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