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Wedding Photographer Temecula

 I use a camera to tell a story. Nothing excites me more than to see the natural chemistry of a couple come alive in front of my camera. My goal is to take your breath away by delivering striking timeless images. I want you to not only remember the time, but also how you were feeling at that moment. I create images that will always be able to transport a couple back to that moment, whether that's a week or thirty years later. I have a fun and laid-back approach to photography. I always want our images to reflect the personality of our clients. I love catching a laugh just at the right moment. You can’t fake or stage those moments and I love making our shoots comfortable and fun so our clients feel totally at ease letting us share these moments with them.

 Posing is important and we give our clients plenty of direction so they feel confident that what they’re doing in front of the camera looks great. I'm all about giving just enough direction so clients feel great. I love capturing candid moments. There will be laughing, kissing and hugging. I give your photos a modern and unique style. So if you are looking for a Wedding photographer in Temecula. You came to the right place. Please enjoy my images and see if I am the right fit. I would love to photograph your special day.

Wedding Photographer Temecula
Temecula Wedding Photographer
Wedding photographer Temecula
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Temecula wedding photographers

"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

 I specializing in affordable quality modern photography in the Temecula area of So. California
A wedding is one of the most emotional times in a person's life. The wedding only happens once, so the images need to allow them to experience it again and again.


I'm documenting not just what the day looked like, but how the couple felt during their wedding.There are several wedding venues in Temecula that one can choose for his/her wedding. Actually, the amazing landscapes of Temecula are just perfect to create a wonderful environment for your special day.

Your wedding
It's about more than hiring someone to hold a camera and snap a few pics. Wedding photography is about carefully crafting and capturing the moments of your big day in a way that beautifully tells the story of your love.

 Paul Bartels is an award winning wedding photographer servicing the city of Temecula and other neighboring communities. Paul’s work is most often described as bright, soft, and wildly romantic. He loves to incorporate natural light when photographing a beautiful couple on their wedding day. With bursts of sun flare, back lighting, and dramatic shadowing, Paul takes advantage of the beauty of natural sunlight to produce stunning Temecula wedding photography that a bride and groom are sure to love. Paul believes that capturing the small details of a couple’s wedding day is of utmost importance. On your wedding day Paul not only documents the beautiful decor, wedding attire and floral arrangements, but she also pays attention to the special moments and interactions that take place. From a father proudly walking his daughter down the aisle and sending her off with a warm embrace to a grandmother’s sweet smile during a couple’s first dance, the emotions that are experienced during a wedding are all special and unique moments that Paul captures for his clients to later enjoy. If you are currently planning a wedding in Temecula or another Southern California location, We would love to photograph your big day!


 Working as a wedding photographer in Temecula is a wonderful experience. I enjoy photographing couples in this beautiful Southern California setting. Many couples choose to have Temecula winery weddings. I recommend this location for your wedding if you love wine and country-like landscapes. Long Shadow Winery is one of the local wineries where you can get married. It’s a beautiful location with a romantic and peaceful ambience. Are you looking for a creative Temecula photographer? Get in touch I’m a Southern California Wedding photographer.

 If you’re looking for a Temecula wedding photographer, look no further. I have the experience and knowledge necessary to capture the memories of your day. I believe in capturing your love story through my photography and my eye for capturing beautiful moments between you and your husband or wife will help your story shine.


 I love photographing timeless, authentic and joyful brides that are just as excited for their marriage as they are for their beautiful wedding day. Your wedding is much more than just a single day, it's the start of your love story. I can’t wait to tell your love story.